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What if....(game)

2010-04-14 01:28:36 by TheInfamousDrizzel

I'll start....what if all the highest levels here found the highest rated submission and voted 0 on it every day lmao

I found my self to be on Newgrounds every day. I just wanted to see how many people are on new grounds, whether ur on mabye once a week etc.

How Often Are You On Newgrounds?


2009-05-03 16:12:31 by TheInfamousDrizzel

I was looking at some music on the adudio portal i clicked on my fav song and it said this song popularity number is 1337 at first i was like cool but then i said wait thats the h4x0r$ versoin of leet i though it was funny

I want to see how many newground poeple have seen the retarded animal babies seires

type in 1 if you have seen it

type in 2 if you have heard of it

type in 3 if yoou have one of there videos in your favorites

Computor trouble

2009-04-26 18:27:06 by TheInfamousDrizzel

I have windows vista its about a year old and i need to some how speed it up any suggestions

I have a bunch of medals, what are the points for and what do they effect

I know twitter is like the big thing rite now but honeslty its relly gay. all you do is post stuff about what ur doing and thats all you do i found it interesting how popular a gay site like twitter is